April 29, 2019

Class Survey RESULTS

Thank you all for your participation in our class survey. We have completed two online surveys and a take home survey in the last month in […]
April 23, 2019

Aikido is LIFE

We asked why Payet sensei often tells us that “Aikido is Life”. Does training in aikido help us navigate life better? If so, in what ways? […]
April 23, 2019

Zen Meditation

A student asked, “Osu! Sensei, I notice whenever I try to DO something, I’m off balance. When practicing Aikido as a beginner how can I let […]
April 23, 2019

Aikido involves the WHOLE Body

A student asked, “Osu! Sensei, sometimes in Aikido we unintentionally hurt our partner. What is the best way to avoid getting injured and avoid injuring our […]
April 23, 2019

Mind & Body

A student asked, “Osu Sensei, there’s a quote by the stoic philosopher Seneca – we suffer more in imagination then in reality. And I see this […]