Aikido is not a conventional fighting technique or sport. There are never competitions or tournaments; instead, it is a martial art that develops the physical and mental ability of the practitioner to neutralize incoming aggression instead of combating forces head-on. Because of this, many circular and spherical movements are involved in Aikido to redirect aggression away from oneself towards a less harmful destination. In Aikido, an attacker is never stopped by force – his energy is always redirected and neutralized in order to reestablish harmony. The attacker’s energy is guided in a way that causes his attack be stopped by his own motion. Hence techniques such as joint locks, pins, and throws are used to neutralize incoming aggression. Although receiving these techniques can sometimes be uncomfortable in movements to quickly end an attack, they are not designed to break bones or cause injury when completed with sufficient awareness. Aikido emphasizes mental clarity, physical balance, and natural power in its practice by employing a keen sensitivity to and understanding of body movements, physics, and biomechanics. Since Aikido does not rely on height, weight, or muscle mass, it is practiced by men, women, children, and elderly all over the world.


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Yoshikan Style Aikido & Our Niche

Yoshinkan Aikido is the official martial Art of the Tokyo riot police and compulsory training for Tokyo policewomen, making it a particularly efficient system for self-defense without actively harming another. However the “way” of Aikido is a way of life where our training is not just inside the dojo but aikido and the way of harmony no matter where we are. In the world how we conduct ourselves also becomes awareness, training, and refinement. Hence the Art of Aikido is an expression of one’s embodiment of peace, harmony, understanding by the means of the body. The ultimate goal in life is Self-Realization and Self-Actualization of the true Aiki, inner beauty, outer grace while we inquire into deeper Self-Knowledge as we take closer steps towards embodiment of absolute Enlightenment.

Aikido Del Mar uses Yoshinkan Aikido as a foundation while adding other styles of martial training to emphasizes strong posture, sensitive connection, emptiness of mind and harmonious techniques specifically designed to develop inner/outer balance, body/mind awareness, focus of energy and breath power. At higher levels of training, timing and speed are added to achieve extremely powerful techniques without the use of aggressive manipulation. Such training develops one’s inner strength and a powerful spirit, which allows the vital life energy within to flow outward at ease. In aikido, students learn that powerful techniques cannot be achieved without the proper attitude or state of mind. Aikido must be practiced with an open mind in a spirit of compassion and respect for another. It is only when our body, mind and heart become unified and in harmony with source energy then aikido techniques are truly expressed with universal harmony.

Aikido Founder & Our Lineage

Aikido unites physical fitness, self defense and a nonviolent philosophy into a modern martial art. Based in a Samurai culture of Japan, the founder Morihei Ueshiba (1882-1969) developed a system of techniques based on redirecting forces of attacks to produce a harmonious outcome by uniting the powers of our own body/mind/spirit using his lifetime study of combining technical skill and spirit. One of his distinguished disciples was Gozo Shioda (1915-1994) – who is the founder of our Yoshinkan style of aikido, which concentrates on fundamental building blocks of basic movements and techniques.

Jacques Payet Shihan was the longest foreign live-in student of Gozo Shioda. Payet Shihan (8th dan) is the head of our Mugenjuku Aikido International. Payet Shihan was not only a student under Shioda Kancho but also become a close friend later in Shioda’s life. Payet and Shioda would enjoy discussion of aikido, life, and enlightenment over sake where Shioda was able to pass on much knowledge and energy. When Payet Shihan moved to California in 2000, Kevin Pickard Sensei and Edward Sterrett Sensei were both early students of Payet Shihan during that time. After Payet Shihan moved back to Kyoto, Japan, Kevin Pickard sensei and Edward Sterrett Sensei founded Aikido Del Mar in spring of 2008. Both at the time were 3rd degree black belts and now under the supervision of Jacques Payet Shihan (8th dan), both Kevin and Edward sensei now have obtained their 5th degree black belts – which is the highest technical skill level in the Yoshinkan system. Other high ranking instructors include Joe sensei, Huy sensei, John sensei, Richard sensei and Nick sensei.