October 30, 2012

October News!

First of all, happy Halloween everyone! Most of the kids will be out trick-or-treating tomorrow. Our aikido class will still be here – same time, same […]
September 9, 2012

Congrats Aikido Del Mar!

Congratulations aiki-kids, aiki-youth and adults for a fantastic and focused kyu test. Brandon from the kids class completed a very strong test and now is the […]
January 22, 2012

A Wonderful Celebration at Aikido Del Mar

Bonjour! We had another successful Kagami Biraki celebration this year. There was a spectrum of demonstrations on the mats from the youngest participants to well-seasoned aikidokas. […]
August 15, 2011

Congratulations Aikido Del Mar Students!

We held kyu test for all three of our classes on Saturday August 13th. Congratulations to everyone tested. All students demonstrated tremendous personal growth with sharp […]
June 12, 2011

Lower Back Stretches for Aikidoka

We at Aikido Del Mar’s morning AikiCORE class have hand picked some of our most loved stretches for our back. Sensei has been using these stretches […]